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Depositing with an SMS Casino

Register with the SMS Casino

The first thing to do is to register your account with the casino, as this will allow you to deposit. After you’ve provided them with your information, you’ll be prompted to add in your payment method. At this point, you want to click SMS casino deposit to start the process.
You will be given the opportunity to add in your phone number and then you will receive a text message. This will confirm your deposit and the recipient, if everything looks alright then you can go ahead and authorise it. Just reply to the SMS casino text with the word ‘yes’ and the payment will instantly appear in your account.

Are there Restrictions on SMS Casino Deposits?

The idea of an SMS casino deposit may appeal to you, but there are some restrictions on this payment method that may not suit your play style.
If you want to qualify for a no deposit bonus then some sites may not accept your SMS casino credentials as validation. Instead, you may be forced to register a card or make a deposit to qualify, which can defeat the purpose.
The amount that you spend in an SMS casino site will also be subject to scrutiny, as your operator may get in touch with you about it. If they feel like fraud may be occurring then they can lock your account until they have investigated it fully.